Scientix Public Auction Announcement

Scientix is a future-yield-backed synthetic asset platform on Binance Smart Chain. It allows you to get interest-free loans that pay themselves off over time with no liquidation risk, while your collateral earns you yields in the background!

Auction Info:


  1. The 15,000 SCIX is from the 2% reserved SCIX minted at the launch time. After this public auction, Scientix team won’t hold auctions nor sell any of the 25% team-owned SCIX, within the next 3 months.
  2. The bid token will be bSCIX token instead of SCIX token.
  3. After the auction ends, buyers can claim bSCIX tokens at Padit.
  4. Buyers can start to claim SCIX tokens at Scientix website from Sep 29, 02:00 PM UTC.

About Scientix



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