Scientix(V): The Price of SCIX

5 min readOct 20, 2021


Authorized release by Blockchain Lao Li

Lao Li joined lots of telegram groups. The most annoying sentence for Lao Li was “Don’t discuss the price, please focus on the project itself.” However, no matter for investment or just for speculation, shouldn’t price rises and falls be the most concerning topic?

The price must be discussed carefully and discussed in detail. Let’s take a look at the price trend of SCIX, which is really painful. This is the 4-hour chart as of September 22, 2021:

After rushing to 690U on the first day, it fell all the way to about 35U today. What is the reason for such a fall? There are some reasons in Lao Li’s opinion:

First, it is still impossible to get out of the loop of all mining projects in the initial listing stage: high-yield at the first beginning, which attracted hot money to mine and increased TVL. They mined and sold immediately, then yield decreased, followed with hot money left. The more money left, the more TVL drops, and the more you mine and sell.

There’s no solution for this problem currently. The key point is still consensus. If you agree that this project is valuable in the future, you can mine and reinvest, with the currency standard as the center. For example, if people know that uniswap will develop into what it is now, they will not mine and sell at 2U. If you do not have confidence in the project, then your best way is to take your investment back as soon as possible, and then withdraw and find other projects.

Second, the market is currently bearish. According to the technical analysis, Bitcoin is in the middle of a big C wave of decline, from the highest 52,000 to 40,000, and it is estimated that it will drop to about 37,000. All altcoins are falling, and SCIX is among them.

Third, SCIX has no pre-sales, no institutional funds to protect the market; that is to say, there is no market maker, and everything follows the market.

Lao Li’s personal view is that optimistic about the long-term, and he is determined to continue to mine SCIX. It was really tangled in the meantime. You can pay back if you sell it, do you want to sell it? Lao Li also joined some altcoins projects before, basically it is 3–5 days to pay back the cost, and the follow-up profit is estimated to be between 50% and 70%. To be honest, after rushing through a few projects, I feel a little disappointed. This kind of rushing method is not an investment at all, it just depends on who has the news early, and then rushed in as soon as possible. In addition, do you dare to invest heavily on this kind of project? No, so even if you earn 70% within 30 days, the absolute gain is not high.

Why is Lao Li optimistic about SCIX? In the previous articles Lao Li already told the reasons. Let’s guess how the SCIX price will perform in the future. Let’s take a look at the Yearn-Alchemix data first:

The TVL ratio is 23.4%. Lao Li paid attention to this data a few days ago, and it fluctuated around 25%-30%.

Then let’s look at the data of Alpaca and Scientix:

The current ratio of TVL is 3.2%. This ratio is too low compared to Yearn-Alchemix’s 23.4%. It can only be said that it is caused by the instability of Scientix just launched.

In other words, let’s try to think big, could you see how big the potential of SCIX is? Alpaca’s TVL has been relatively stable in the past few months, fluctuating between 1000 million and 1700 million USDT. If we apply the 23.4% ratio and the lowest TVL 1000 million, the TVL for Scientix after it stabilizes should be around 230 million, which is 6 times higher than it is now.

If TVL reaches 230 million, we use the ALCX’s Mcap / TVL ratio, which is 5.92% to conduct, SCIX’s market cap should be 13.6 million, 11 times higher than the current 1.25 million. Considering the mining token everyday, Lao Li boldly speculates that the reasonable price of SCIX after stabilization will be around $200–250, which is 7–8 times higher than the current $35. If you are optimistic enough, you can predict the price will be around $500–600, according to Alpaca’s 1700 million TVL and 30% ratio to deduce.

Of course, all these predictions are based on Alpaca and Scientix are doing good.

These are almost all about Scientix that Lao Li wants to share. It took a few days for me to write more than 5,000 words. Thank you for reading. Also, I want to state again that Lao Li is a general investor and has nothing to do with the project or Alpaca. It’s my personal interest to write articles and share opinions (Lao Li usually writes more historical and military articles). During the period, Lao Li communicated with the community manager and other friends about the mechanisms of SCIX.

Finally, Lao Li also wants to share some words with the Scientix team: After a few days of communication, I feel that your style is solid and reliable. I hope the team can persist in doing the project well under pressure and difficulties. Of course, a group of scientists has inherent shortcomings in marketing promotion, and I hope the team can strengthen this part, sometimes fragrant wine also fears dark alley.

The author solemnly reaffirms: As of the time of publication, the author has an interest relationship with the project mentioned in the article, and hereby informs it. Interests include but are not limited to the following situations: I am a member of the project team, I am an immediate family member or spouse of a member of the project team, participate in the investment in the project, hold the shares or tokens issued by the project, participate in short or long the project, collect rewards for paid writing, etc.




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