Scientix X CoinMarketCap Airdrop Distribution Announcement

1 min readNov 12, 2021


Dear Community Members,

Scientix has been launched and run successfully for 2 months! Thanks for your support! Today, we’re pleased to announce reward distribution details of the airdrop event with CoinMarketCap.

Release Time:

Winner list announce time: Nov. 18, 2021

Reward distribution time: Nov. 24, 2021


Total airdrop amount: 2,000 SCIX

Number of winners: 1,000

How to:

1. Please login to your CMC account after Nov. 18, 2021 time to see if you’re selected. The winner list is available here:, please check if your address is eligible for the airdrop then.

2. The winner list will be posted online for 3 days.

3. All the rewards will be distributed to your BSC address directly on Nov. 24, 2021.

About Scientix

Scientix is a future-yield-backed synthetic asset platform on Binance Smart Chain. It allows you to get interest-free loans that pay themselves off over time with no liquidation risk, while your collateral earns you yields in the background!




Scientix, a future-yield-backed synthetic token with self-repaying loans, no liquidation.